Approach to Counselling


I offer an honest, non-pathologizing, and collaborative process of understanding human nature and our individual perceptions, experiences and challenges. I will work with you to explore the meaning, significance, and desired outcome of the difficulties you may be experiencing, as well as help you find your own resources or strengths in meeting these. I respect the uniqueness, dignity and self-hood of all persons, and understand the courage needed and the vulnerability often felt when engaging in counselling about painful experiences or current uncertainties.

I work from a clinical counselling model but my philosophy of counselling incorporates both the psychological and the spiritual dimensions of being human. I have a deep respect for the wisdom in all faith traditions, and engage with persons of all faiths or no faith, in whatever life circumstances or faith journey they find themselves in.


Therapy involves partnership and collaboration. We will explore issues that are very important to you, and our therapeutic work together is intended to deepen your self-understanding and find workable outcomes to difficulties you may be experiencing. These difficulties may arise from personal, interpersonal, circumstantial or crisis events. The intent of counselling is to work with you to find courage and clarity to express your experiences and access new ways to resolve or manage them.  This process is possible in an atmosphere of safety, openness, and trust, where you will be facilitated to voice your own understandings, learnings, and desired changes, and be encouraged to discover your own resources to bring about change or move through the circumstances.


Our work together is entirely confidential, and appropriate measures have been taken to ensure that your privacy is strictly protected. No information, written or oral, is conveyed to anyone outside the counselling session without your informed and written consent.

However, there are legal limits to confidentiality mandated for legal or court matters, and to protect minors as well as adults where safety for themselves or others is concerned.

These limits to confidentiality will be discussed with you in the first session, and your informed and signed consent to these limitations will be obtained.